Audyssey MultEQ-X

This new software tool gives users the control to calibrate existing and new home AVRs that have Audyssey’s MultEQ room equalization technology built-in, giving users greater control over calibration parameters and more detailed information about their room acoustics.

Decoupling the delivery of technology from the AVR itself ensures that MultEQ-X users are the first to experience many of the improvements and advancements to the MultEQ suite of room correction tools.

icon of sound waves and frequencies

Frequency Responses

Compute measurements with detailed frequency responses for individual channels for easy room tuning
icon of sound and reverb

Cutoff Mode

Design advanced curves with new “Cutoff Mode” control, as well as complete control over target sound for every channel and every preset
icon of sound mixer controls

Subwoofer-level Adjustment

Enjoy subwoofer-level adjustment with slow and super-slow time rates
icon of person and check mark

Manual Option

Manual override of all automatically detected parameters

Audyssey MultEQ-X is available for download now at the Microsoft Store