Audyssey eVR

Audyssey eVR is a suite of audio technologies that enhance far field voice recognition and enable more natural voice-based user interaction.

Today, with a new generation of voice-activated products on the horizon, tiny microphones embedded in the devices themselves are trying to hear and interpret voice commands from the user. If the “ears” in these new products aren’t hearing commands correctly, products won’t function correctly and users will become frustrated.

Audyssey spent more than a decade studying tens of thousands of listening environments to optimize the audio listening experience in homes, cars, movie theaters, etc. As a result of that research Audyssey scientists achieved a keen understanding of sound reflections, what caused them, and how to correct their negative effects to ensure that sound is perfect when it reaches the listener’s ears. This knowledge was used to develop eVR, by looking at the problem in reverse: what happens to sound when it bounces around the room on its way to the listening device.

eVR Unveiled

Audyssey eVR is a complete suite of advanced acoustic and voice algorithms to enable accurate voice recognition and clear voice communication on any device:

Detect the keyword, even while audio is playing from the device speaker
Voice Authentication
Allow access only to authorized users based on their unique vocal patterns